Investor Relations

  1. ESV Group Plc is incorporated in the United Kingdom.
  2. The shares of ESV Group were quoted on ISDX (Formerly PLUS) under the symbol ESVO in the Support Service sector until 31 May 2013. They are currently not quoted on any other market.
  3. The shares were first listed on 21 August 2006.
  4. Financial information on the company can be found in the Annual Reports the company has issued. They are listed under the heading Financial Reports and Accounts on this site.
  5. Shares in issue are detailed under the heading Share Capital on this site.
  6. The Company proposes to communicate with all its shareholders via the Website. Hence the Company sent an appropriate 28 day notice to all its shareholders on the Register as at 30 July 2014. Ecomms-28-day-Notice-30-July-2014
  7. The information provided on this site is current up to the date stated under the heading Update on this site.